International Hospital Kampala & other hospitals and medical services in Uganda




Company name: International Medical Group

PO Box address: P.O.Box 8177, Kampala

Physical address: See website for details of hospitals & clinics

Telephone number: +256 (0)414 200444 or +256 (0)312 200400

Fax number: + 256 (0)414 345768

E-mail: See website for e-mail addresses of hospitals & clinics

Web site:

Company activities: International Medical Group includes a number of companies International Hospital Kampala(IHK), International Air Ambulance(IAA) Uganda Health Management Institute (UHMI), International Hospital School of Nursing (IHSON) and International Medical Foundation. IAA is a health management organisation that provides affordable medical schemes that cater for individuals, families and companies.
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British senior management R
British agencies                o
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