Tactile Suits For VR

Enhanced by VR, entertainment has been changed forever. The multisensory journey facilitated by hi-tech headgear allows users to become part of the fantastic virtual worlds. Owing to the wide perspective, users may now explore imaginary digital worlds.
However, there is more to VR than just headsets and synchronizable gadgets. Today, you may even purchase a full-body suit. Such tactile clothing is also called haptic. The term refers to the experience of touch that such clothing is meant to recreate. This is achieved by means of force or vibrations. Here is a look at the five most popular models existing today.

1. Tesla Suit

This textile gaming accessory allows you to feel what you play. In essence, this means you can reach out and touch anything inside the digital environment. Wearers may now interact with imaginary worlds to the extent that was unthinkable before. The product uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Impulses are sent to your body parts, and they do not differ much from human body language.

2. Nullspace VR

This is a full upper body system, so you will feel virtual reality on your torso, arms and hands only. The main distinguishing features include:

  • compatibility with all VR headsets connected to PC;
  • comfort and lightweight;
  • 32 vibration pads that are working independently;
  • over a hundred built-in effects;
  • software API for haptics;
  • integrated tracking.

3. Haptika

A brainchild of Pakistani developers, this product works with VR apps and games. Users can not only touch virtual objects but also feel the temperatures of the digital world. Naturally, aside from the temperature sensors, the vested suit also has motion capturing to provide deep immersion.

4. Axon VR

Not only does this textile exoskeleton imitate actual touch and temperature, it also enables you to feel movements of objects, as well as shapes and textures. This suit applies physical pressure to your body to create immersion.

5. Rapture Vest

This model was specially designed to accompany The Void video game, and it works perfectly. There are four kinds of haptic feedback that enable wearers to enjoy environmental effects. Every single laser beam, bullet or creature is associated with a certain hit location. In essence, this vest brings every tiny digital object in the game to life.
Overall, tactile clothing is there to deepen the immersion by involving the sense of touch. Today, when entertainment has gone far beyond flat projections on TV screens, it is experienced, rather than watched.

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