Sex Over a Distance and VR

Many couples have to separate from time to time on a regular basis because one of the partners makes a business trip, or goes to visit relatives. This is a usual situation, when the husband goes to a different country because of his job, while the wife stays at home with children, or wife goes to visit her parents on the other part of the globe, while the husband cannot leave his company for long.

As a result, both partners suffer from sexual tension and are not satisfied. Just tolerating the absence of the spouse is not an option. So, there are only two options left for both.

Online Sex Over Distance

The partners can use a webcam to have online virtual sex with each other. If they are really close and emotionally open to each other, this mode of distance relationships will work for them. However, there are potential difficulties, as the inability of the spouses to relax, or inability to stay alone in the room without children or parents rushing in every five minutes.

In most cases, the partners simply cannot relax and act naturally, because they are not used to such communication, can feel awkward or weird, or cannot arouse sexually due to unusual circumstances. Eventually, they may lack merely the touch they are used to and do not find the image on the screen that sexy.

On the other hand, if the spouses or partners cannot communicate and interact in this format, they really have to think of something else. People can be separated for weeks, and being without sexual relief is not a good idea.

VR Videos

There is another option that seems to be a little bit more costly, but eventually brings so much more satisfaction and convenience that the users forget about what they have paid for it. Virtual reality videos require purchasing a VR gadget like a helmet or glasses and preferably buy a subscription to a reputable website, but this is generally all.

There is no such technology yet to allow people to have virtual sex with each other using VR technology. The user can only watch porn videos shot in this technology. However, the approach has two main benefits:

  • while the partners are not cheating on each other (since they just watch porn video!), they actually get an impression of real interaction, and their satisfaction is way higher than after masturbation watching a conventional adult movie;
  • the gadget is so small and handy that you can take it to the bathroom with you, and nobody will be able to bother you or enter the room without knocking.

With VR, the couples never suffer sexual dissatisfaction when they are separated by circumstances!

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