Porn: The Driving Force Behind VR Development

The adult industry has always been quick to embrace technological innovations and introduce new ways of delivering and intensifying sexual pleasure. In fact, porn was the driving force behind the early development of the internet, and pornographers have been the first to adopt credit card payments and streaming video. VR porn is no exception to the rule.

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Sex Over a Distance and VR

Many couples have to separate from time to time on a regular basis because one of the partners makes a business trip, or goes to visit relatives. This is a usual situation, when the husband goes to a different country because of his job, while the wife stays at home with children, or wife goes to visit her parents on the other part of the globe, while the husband cannot leave his company for long.

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Porn Pass For Access to Porn Content

Recently, the British government has supported a low about the so-called porn passes. These are cards, similar to bank cards, with 16 digits, that citizens will be able to buy in corner shops. These cards will be sold only if the person shows a passport or driver’s license to prove that his or her age is more than 18. The authorities plan to allow selling other “adult” products like alcohol, tobacco, and knives, only if the customers show these passes.

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Immersive Entertainment

Virtual reality is something more and more people are discovering for themselves today. 3D movies cannot be compared to the range and level of engagement virtual reality movies or video games create. That is why modern companies that follow the trends are looking for possibilities to provide options for immersive entertainment for their customers.

Immersive entertainment is, basically, an interactive movie or a video game created in virtual reality technology. read more