British Business Association of Uganda
A directory of British businesses in Uganda.      
A business and commercial directory of companies, businesses & organisations in Kampala & Uganda who are members of the British Business Association.

The British Business Association of Uganda Ltd (BBAU) is a company limited by guarantee which has a membership comprising of CEOs and senior management of companies, businesses & organisations that have headquarters in Britain or CEOs and senior management of companies that are official agents or representatives of British companies and of British citizens who are CEOs or senior managers of non British companies in Uganda.

Corporate membership costs 300,000shs per year and includes a listing in the web site directory , Individual Membership costs 100,000shs per year.

The British Business Association of Uganda works closely with British Business Association of Kenya and with the British Business Group of Tanzania, and is in contact with UK Trade & Investment, DFID and the British High Commission, We also organise social activities so that members have an opportunity to meet informally.

Full membership criteria are as follows:

(a) Corporate Members:
1) Any company, firm, partnership, sole trader or individual established in Uganda some of whose shareholders, directors, partners or senior employees are British passport holders.
2) Any company, firm, partnership, sole trader or individual which operates in Uganda and which is a representative or agent of a company or firm in Britain.
3) Any company, firm, partnership, sole trader or individual who in the opinion of the Executive Committee will further the objectives of the Association.
Corporate membership allows more than one employee to attend lunches and other social functions, but corporate members (company, firm, partnership, sole trader or individual) are only entitled to two votes at meetings irrespective of the size of the enterprise.

b) Individual Membership
Individual Membership can only apply to British passport holders who are retired from employment, students, non managerial staff of Ugandan companies, individuals who are British passport holders and are self employed, or companies who are in their first year of establishing themselves in Uganda and whose directors are British passport holders.

The primary objectives of the BBA Uganda are to promote member companies & organisations interests via the web site, encourage trade and contact between member companies and the growth of trade between Uganda and Britain. Participation in BBA activities is also encouraged.

Address: British Business Association of Uganda Ltd, P O Box 12759, Kampala, Uganda.

Lawyers: Kwari - Kyerere & Co, 15 Dewinton Road, 1st Floor, Walusimba Toyota Garage Building, Kampala.

Auditors: A H Thakkar & Sons, 78 Kampala Road, Kampala.

Bankers: Crane Bank, Crane Chambers, Plot No 38, Kampala Road, Kampala.

For more information on the British Business Association or to become a member please send an e-mail to

British Business Association Uganda Ltd (BBAU). Company registration number: 175826

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